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Spike Club

What is a Spike?

In order to gain a coveted spot in the Spike Club, members must secure at least six credits. These credits are earned by recruiting new members.

NAHB recognizes and rewards these membership development efforts with its Spike Club awards program. Awards are derived beginning with 6 credits at different increments then up to the status of “All-Time Big Spike of 1500”.

How Credits are Earned

Individuals earn one new member credit per each new member sponsored. One retention credit is automatically assigned to the sponsor of record for first-year renewals of Builders and Associate members provided that renewal is on or before the NAHB Anniversary month. Every year after the first year, one-half a credit is earned for each renewal.

One-half credit is earned for the recruitment of a new council member.  One-quarter credit is earned for a council membership renewal.

Spike Achievement Levels

  • Spike Candidate – 1 to 5.5 credits
  • Blue Spike – 6 to 24 credits
  • Life Spike – 25 to 49 credits
  • Green Spike – 50 to 99 credits
  • Red Spike – 100 to 149 credits
  • Royal Spike – 150 to 249 credits
  • Super Spike – 250 to 499 credits
  • Statesman Spike – 500 to 999 credits
  • Grand Spike – 1000 to 1499 credits
  • All-Time Big Spike – 1500 credits

Why Become a Spike?

GSABA Spikes are held in high regard.  Spikes are celebrated on the “Spike Wall of Fame” in the GSABA building.  Earn 100 Spike Points through new member recruitment and current member retention, and earn a coveted place on the “Spike Wall of Fame” with fellow elite members.  Before securing a position on the “Spike Wall of Fame” you will earn valuable prizes and be recognized along the way from GSABA, TAB and NAHB, making it rewarding and fun to be a Spike.