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Ray Ellison Ballroom 1

Ballroom Rental License & Additional Fees

The Ray Ellison Ballroom is available to non-members and members of the Greater San Antonio Builders Association. Members of the association receive a discount as part of the benefits of membership.

Additional information about 2023 fees:

  • If a holiday falls during the week, the holiday weekend rates will apply.
  • Booking Fee: $500.00. This is in addition to the Rental License Fee.
    • The Booking Fee is due at time of reservation.
    • It is an equal set-up fee and security deposit.
    • $250 of the Booking Fee may be refunded (within 10 days following the event) if all requirements are satisfied.
  • Staff Supervisor Fee: $35/hr.
    • A GSABA Staff Supervisor is required to be on building premises for the duration of the set-up, event, and checkout time outside of GSABA business hours.
  • Security Fee: $55/hr, per security officer.
    • Security Officer(s) is/are required to be on building premises for the duration of the event and checkout time outside of GSABA business hours.
      • Guest attendance of 149 and less = 1 security officer
      • Guest attendance 150 and over = 2 security officers

(SAHC may require additional security personnel if the Staff Supervisor deems necessary)

Payments Due Schedule:

  • Booking Fee and signed contract are due at the time of the Ballroom reservation.
  • Half the Rental License fee (see 2023 Estimated Rental and Fee Sheet at the top) is due upon signing of the contract.
  • Remaining balance of the Total Estimated Cost (including security and supervisor fees) is due seven (7) days prior to event. Ballroom floorplan layout is also due at this time.

Additional Set-Up Day: $400

  • If a licensee wishes to set-up the event space earlier than the day of the event an additional fee will be charged to hold that date open for set-up. The hours will be between 10:00am-3:00pm the day before the event.

Linen Fee:

  • The Ray Ellison Ballroom does not provide linens for the rental, but there are linens (black and navy) available for rent.
    • 100 or fewer guests - $100
    • 100 or more guests - $200


You may bring in your own alcohol; however, you will need to provide your own TABC-licensed bartenders and provide copies of the certification to the Ballroom Manager prior to the event. No self-service, no bottles on tables for free-pouring, etc.


For more rental information and to schedule a tour, please contact:

Ray Ellison Ballroom
3625 Paesanos Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78231

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