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Cibolo Building Code Amendments Now in Effect

The following information was emailed October 9, 2023 & September 20, 2023 respectively.


Emails From Matt Henson, Cibolo Chief Building Official

The amendments to Cibolo’s local building code regarding foundations, mentioned previously in multiple developer meetings, are now in effect. All New Home Permit applications submitted on or after 10/9/2023 will require the engineered foundation details to state in one way or another, that exterior beams shall extend not less than 36” below the undisturbed soil. Along with the final document showing foundation elevation measurements to be uploaded (in the portal) before the Certificate of Occupancy is released.

In other news, Cibolo is moving towards adopting the 2021 I-Codes and the State adopted 2023 NEC. Our target date is mid-November and we’ll be replacing the UPC and UMC with the IPC and IMC, allowing the City and contractors within to work from one set of codes.



This email is to inform all home builders in Cibolo that the City Council approved the Municipal and Building Code amendments regarding foundation requirements at the last Council meeting. No changes to the two ordinances were made since they were discussed during our last Bi-monthly Developer Meeting with Cibolo staff and developers. The ordinances are not yet in effect, but I will follow up when I have a firm implementation date from our City Secretary.


The two ordinances make the following changes:


Foundation Inspections. Elevation measurements shall be used to determine and verify accurate foundation floor elevations. Elevation measurements shall be submitted to the City's Building Department as a post pour inspection to be verified by City Staff. To achieve this, provide measurements of exterior foundation elevations at no less than the foundation corners, with “corners” being defined as all exterior offsets.

Floors Where installed beneath the slab, dampproofing shall consist of not less than 6-mil (0.006 inch; 0.152 mil) 10-mil (0.01 inch; .254mm) polyethylene with joints lapped not less than 6 inches (152 mm), or other approved methods or materials….

Minimum Depth. The minimum depth of exterior footings below the undisturbed ground surface shall be 24 36 inches.


Please forward this to anyone not already attached who would benefit from this information.