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City of Cibolo Bi-Monthly Development Coordination Meeting

February 14, 2024

Email from Cibolo City Manager

For those who joined us on our call this afternoon, thank you for your time to learn what is going on in the City of Cibolo. As I shared during the Teams call, the City council approved the attached Resolution and MOU at its meeting last night, February 13, 2024. Together, the Resolution and the MOU represent the City of Cibolo’s commitment to proceed with its obligation to utilize the CCMA Southern Wastewater Treatment Plant and to make its financial contribution to the CCMA Southern Plant per the terms of the Southern Plant Wastewater Services and Funding Agreement, while it continues to complete the mediated settlement with GVSUD concerning the Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) area for wastewater service.

I have attached two maps that represent the 3,200 acres, for which GVSUD is transferring its CCN to the City and joining it to the City’s already existing CCN, together forming 3,200 acres for future wastewater service. Also, the other attached map depicts the wastewater infrastructure that the City will begin to design (not all 5 projects at this time). City Council will make its decision on which project(s) it wants to proceed with design int eh coming 60-90 days. The City’s goal is to have construction drawings that “bid ready” and to find a developer that will propose a development consistent with the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) that will be quality development.

If anyone has a question, please reach out to Kelsee and me.




Wayne Reed, ICMA-CM
City Manager, City of Cibolo

200 South Main Street
Cibolo, TX 78108

O (210) 619-0002


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