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Private-Sector Work-Study Program

Preparing Students for Careers

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Earn-and-Learn Opportunity

Thanks to support from the U.S. Department of Education, students eligible for federal work-study can now earn-and-learn in the private sector through relevant work experiences.

This program offers students the ability to enrich their academic knowledge, gain real-world experience, and improve their job prospects after graduation. In turn, employers gain a part-time employee with supplemented wages, and play a significant role in the education of aspiring professionals.

Program Details

Eligible students can work with a partnering employer with wages partially paid by Alamo Colleges through federal financial aid funds. Small businesses (as defined in 13 CFR 121) will pay 25% of the students’ wages, while large businesses will pay 50% of the students’ wages. Alamo Colleges will pay the difference. Partnering employers determine the position(s) offered, the number of hours worked per week (10-19 hours), and the hourly pay rate ($12.50 minimum). Employers commit to a student’s employment per semester and may rehire the student for subsequent semesters. Employers are required to accommodate students’ academic schedules and activities. COVID-19 Note: Students may work remotely or onsite with the proper adherence to local public health safety protocols.


PWS Employer Flyer Phase 2-2

How It Works

Partnering Employers

  1. Post position(s) in the work-study job bank
  2. Receive student resumes and cover letters
  3. Interview candidates; Make job offers
  4. Fund 25% or 50% of student wages

Alamo Colleges

  1. Refers eligible students for consideration
  2. Conducts basic criminal background checks
  3. Manages all Human Resources and payroll matters
  4. Funds 75% or 50% of student wages

Eligible Partners

Eligible partners include employers seeking part-time employees majoring in

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)•Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics (and Industrial Trades)
  • Health & Biosciences•Creative & Communication Arts
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Public Service

For a complete list of majors, visit