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Important Sign Update City of San Antonio - Framing Class Wednesday, Sept. 2nd 1:00pm

I am writing to share with you that the City of San Antonio Development Services Department (DSD) plans to start removing Builders and Developers signs that are located in the Right of Way (ROW), that are the wrong size or lack a sign permit next week.   The City has identified hundreds of signs that are being installed illegally without sign permits.

Some of the signs are causing dangerous visual obstructions and will be removed next week.   The City of San Antonio DSD sent me a few photos taken by their Inspectors this week.  These photos are only a few of the sign violations-see attached link Signs without Permits.pdf provided by the City of San Antonio DSD.

Chapter 28 of the Sign Ordinance that was adopted in July of 2017 by the City of San Antonio is being updated later this year and will go into effect in the First quarter of 2021.  GSABA will be invited to give input on the new sign ordinaces. You can find the current ordinance on the link below.

When I asked Michael Constantino, the Director of the Development Services Department Building Inspections Department what we could do to assist the City, he said that the permit and installation of the signs in question is your sign contractors responsibility.   The City doesn’t want to issue fines to Builders but they will start doing this if we can’t remedy the illegal signs.  They have shared that they may put sign companies on probation and not grant permits to the sign companies for 90 days if the situation doesn’t improve.

If your signs do NOT have an AP# attached in 3” numbers to the front of the sign, a vast majority of the signs have been installed illegally with a permit. 

Michael Shannon and I host a call every other week with his key staff and Department heads and he shared on a call in July that the City of San Antonio is still

failing two out of three first framing inspections.  GSABA will host a framing class next week for our members.

This framing class is scheduled for Wednesday, September 2nd at 1:00 pm.  You can register on line at  We are sharing the training materials for the framing class on the link below.

Framing Inspection PPT:

In addition, we have several webinars coming up that you and your staffs might be interested in.  There is a legal webinar with Don Shelton on Wednesday, September 9th at 1:00 pm.  Builders have reported that a Florida law firm has been filing stucco lawsuits on homes 8 to 9 years old entering the final years of the structural warranties.

Don will address this litigation on September 9th at 1:00 pm.  If you would like to have a copy of the previous training on stucco installations, please email me and I will send it to you.

The legal class will also cover COVID addendums, arbitration and builder risk best practices.  We also have an OSHA fall prevention class scheduled in September.  Information on all five of the Wednesday webinars that will be hosted in September can be found on the link below.

September Webinar Wednesdays:

On behalf of your President Jeff Czar and your Government Affairs Leadership Team, thank you for your continued support of GSABA and our industry.