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Setting Social Media Goals is Essential to Sales Success


Using social media effectively and consistently to influence buying behavior is as dependent on a strong foundation as is the structural integrity of the homes you’re building.

In Social Media Marketing for Your Business, Carol Morgan outlines how to take a long-term approach to building and maintaining an effective marketing strategy with social media as a main component. One of the most important initial steps Carol highlights in this new book is the act of goal setting.

Just like with your business, each action you take on social media should have a goal. It’s important to determine what action you want your audience to take, then have the post encourage them to do it. Here are six goals you should consider when building your social media program:

  1. Increased Website Traffic: More traffic to your website means more buyers. You can use social media to drive traffic to your site by posting relevant content on blogs, social networking sites and online public relations, and linking back to your website.
  2. Improved Website SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) uses specific strategies to boost a website’s ranking in search results for a variety of keywords. One way to improve organic search results and the relevance of a site is to create quality links from quality sites to your website.
  3. Reputation Management: Your reputation is critical. Your customers start their search for your product or service online, making it imperative to have a process of handling customer concerns and complaints, as well as warranty issues. To manage your reputation, fill your page-one search engine results page with desirable content.
  4. Engage with Followers: The main reason why people follow brands on social media is to get something. It’s all about the “me” in social media. As a business, you must provide social networkers with a reason to follow you, such as a coupon or incentive just for the fans that follow you on Facebook.
  5. Increased Brand Awareness: Your social networking should fulfill your brand promise and positioning. Online branding is comparatively inexpensive versus using traditional media. A first step in branding your company online is to ensure that your company logo and colors are on every website and social media site in which you participate.
  6. Completed Website Contact Forms: We all want more leads and more sales. Use social media advertising to send clicks to the company’s website contact form to increase the number of generated leads. Social media can help build a sales funnel by creating a social lead capture for various social media sites or campaigns.

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